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Primitive skills in Maine

I love Maine I have been visiting for many years. This fall I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of my extended family up there. The Maine Primitive Gathering is where people come from all over to practice and learn with each other. There is so much to go over even though it is a weekend event ,but I wanted to share what has been a focus for me in Maine for the last 2 years working with an amazing Basket maker Mark Young. Stay tuned for the video…

had the opportunity to mentor with and capture some incredible video at the 2009 Maine Primitive Gathering in Wells ME hosted by Mal Stephens.

Mark demonstrates and gives insight into a traditional skill that has been practiced for many years.

In this video here Mark’s Philosophy of the baskets he makes,see pieces of this processes from pounding so the growth rings lift,making and shaping splints and how water is your best friend also here the questions folks have about the (How -to) and the story¬† that shaped a bow maker into a basket maker.
The baskets you see here and others may be available through Mark Young directly.while supplies last order your basket and support our basket makers and mentors that share this knowledge today.
*  Mark Young
* 207-646-1096

Black Ash Pack Basket – Maine Basket Maker
Made in Maine by Mark Young

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