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Wilderness Survival Day Camp WEEK
Winter Survival Day Camp WEEK
WolfQuest After School HALF DAY
Heron Home School FULL DAY
Swift Eagles Home School FULL DAY
Path of the Otter HALF DAY
Heron Half Day Home School HALF DAY
Wilderness Adventure Quest WEEKEND (overnight)
Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants HALF DAY
Animal Tracking HALF DAY
Lostproofing & the Art of Shelter Building HALF DAY
Trapping: The Sacred Harvest HALF DAY
The Art of Fire HALF DAY and FULL DAY
The Art of Navigation HALF DAY and FULL DAY
How to Field Dress an Animal HALF DAY and FULL DAY
Introduction to Wilderness Survival HALF DAY and FULL DAY
Wildlife Wanderings HALF DAY
The Art of Mentoring HALF DAY
Emergency Survival & Self-Sufficiency Skills FULL DAY and WEEKEND
Wilderness Immersion for Adults WEEKEND (overnight)
Winter Wilderness Weekend WEEKEND (overnight)
At Home in the Woods WEEK
Leader in Training WEEK
Way of the Scout WEEK
Earthwork Expedition WEEK(overnight)
Hunter-Gatherer WEEK
Winter Skills Day FULL DAY
Living History FULL DAY