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When people hear the word “trapping,” there might be certain images or stereotypes. Allow yourself to look deeper into what trapping is. This is an important skill that teaches us how to have an intimacy with the land and the animals. You need to know about tracking, animal runs, feeding areas, bedding areas and everything that makes a healthy ecosystem in balance. Placement is so critical when trapping. Camouflaging your scent is also critical. You need to learn the pattern of the animal in order to trap it. You also need to know the populations of the animals that you are working with because trapping as a past-time and as an ancestoral skill carries with it great responsibility and ethics.

Come and join us for an intro to learn how to build 3 primary traps and develop proficiency in making and setting figure 4, the paiute and rolling snare. From these 3 foundational traps, you will have everything you need in order to learn the skills of trapping. This will help develop knife skills and learn how to harvest your materials in a sacred manner.

WHO: Adults, Teens accompanied by an adult
WHERE: Anywhere in the Hilltowns and Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: for current schedule, visit our Calendar
HOW MUCH: $50/adult, $30/child w/adult prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)

CONTACT US to find out when this Workshop will be scheduled!