How to Make Fruit Leather with Autumn Olive! (video)

For more information about harvesting autumn olive and our recipe, check out our blog post Making Fruit Leather with Wild Berries. Get your family and friends outdoors and picking berries!

Free Food Falling from the Sky...Acorns!

Going into the outdoors in the mid-autumn we notice the leaves carpeting the ground in a beautiful all natural mosaic. Earlier in the season, we noticed the leaves changing colors–scarlet, orange, yellow and flame colors like a fire. As we continue to walk in the forest, we are surrounded by these majestic beings that connect […]

Making Fruit Leather with Wild Berries

A Great Way for the Whole Family to Connect with Nature

There’s something magical about gathering your own food as a family, and what an education for children and for families to have this experience together. Learning how to see through the eyes of a forager really helps to create a bond with the natural […]