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Outdoor Adventures and Wilderness Survival

Homeschool, Summer Programs and other Children Programs

Immersed in Nature children thrive! For more than a decade, Earthwork Programs has been developing relationships with children and families throughout the Pioneer Valley with our incredibly unique approach to education and mentoring along with our dynamic social curriculum of the Nurtured Heart Approach. Our approach creates a rich environment for everyone to flourish and ignites the greatness within to emerge. We help create inner wealth, self confidence and trust of self and others.

Through our engaging, experiential style, your kids and teens learn valuable and FUN skills in outdoor survival, finding their way in the woods, animal tracking, hand drill and fire making, nature awareness, and wilderness skills. The outdoors is your child’s school and playground!

Homeschool Programs

Children in our homeschool programs experience a cross-curricular environment of reading, math, physical education, natural sciences, critical thinking and much more. For detailed information about Our Curriculum, click here.
Heron: Ages 7 to 12. Full-day immersion in nature, learning wilderness skills and nature awareness.
Swift Eagle:Ages preteen to 16. Hands-on, character building journey through wilderness living skills and nature awareness activities for older children.

Summer Programs

Ages 7 through 16 (depending upon location). The core of Earthwork Programs, Summer Program participants will explore these hands-on activities as time and interest permit:

  • Create stone and bone tools;
  • Become invisible! Gain skills in stalking and camouflage;
  • Practice fire-making without matches;
  • Build natural shelters;
  • Play primitive games;
  • Track animals;
  • Gather wild edible and medicinal plants.

Winter Survival Program
Ages 8+ Experience the WILD in winter in our beautiful forest and fields!

After School Programs

After school in towns through the Pioneer Valley, children are encouraged to welcome the awakening and magic that nature brings.
WolfQuest: Ages 8 to teen. Join our pack!

Family Workshops & other Children Programs

Outdoor adventure and wilderness survival hands-on programming for children, families, teens and preteens. Practice and hone your earth skills, learn the ways of the scout and tracker.

Animal Tracking
Introduction to the art and science of tracking; learn how to read tracks and signs to tell the *stories* of the landscape. Get together with like-minded individuals and families who share your value of this beautiful earth. This activity involves easy to moderate hiking. For families, adults, teens, preteens.

Earth Skills
Work in small groups on personal learning and developing proficiency in earth skills…fire making, shelter building, edible and medicinal plants, animal tracking. Bring your bow drill, walking sticks, bows or other crafts that you want to share or need attention.  Adults, teens.

Path of the Otter
A playful introduction to earth awareness, nature exploration and wilderness living skills. Ages 5 to 7 and parent.

Wilderness Living Skills Series
Learn to live with nature in a way that works to benefit both us and our environment. For adults, families, teens.

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