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At Home in the Woods…Every Week is a NEW Experience.

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Our mentoring approach creates unique Programs by asking the kids, “what are your PASSIONS?” Then we build on that; we co-create a powerful week for all. Participants continue coming back year after year, and even for the whole summer!

NEW THIS YEAR! LITs will have the opportunity to become Wilderness First Aid certified! Register ASAP before the waitlist starts!

Favorite activities include:

  • just being in the woods all day;
  • carving with a knife;
  • coalburning & making a spoon;
  • weaving reed mats;
  • fire building;
  • learning to use a hatchet;
  • wild edibles;
  • making fish hooks;
  • learning how to locate a “lost” person;
  • learning about cordage;
  • making tools, playing group games, tracking
  • playing the games–Camouflage, The Hunted, Flash Flood, Fox Step;
  • listening to nature;
  • hanging out at the pond catching minnows and toads
  • …being an LIT is teaching and learning at the same time. We found deerbones and did trekking
  • And from one happy camper’s evaluation form, he said he liked all the activities!

These Camps comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and are licensed by the Conway Board of Health.

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ALL Summer Camps (Leader in Training, At Home in the Woods, Way of the Scout and Hunter-Gatherer) are held in Conway, MA.

All weeks are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EXCEPT JULY 4 WEEK–Tuesday, 7/5-Friday, 7/8.


At Home in the Woods 2016

Over the last few years, At Home in the Woods Programs fill quickly; please be sure to register early (and your non-refundable deposit will hold the spot)!

June 20-24: At Home in the Woods SC1, ages 7+

June 27- July 1: At Home in the Woods SC2, ages 7+

July 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday): At Home in the Woods SC3, ages 7+ ($252-$300, sliding scale, for 4 days)

July 11-15: At Home in the Woods SC4, ages 7+

July 18-22: At Home in the Woods SC5, ages 5 to 7 AND 7+

July 25-July 29: At Home in the Woods SC6, ages 7+

August 15-August 19: At Home in the Woods SC7, ages 7+

(As weeks fill, we will note **FULL** and will start waitlists for those Programs.)

Unless noted, all weeks are $315-$375, sliding scale, per child per week ($150 nonrefundable deposit due upon registration)

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  • Leader in Training 2016–July 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday): Leader in Training*, ages 12+. $252-$300, sliding scale, per child (FOR 4 DAYS) ($150 nonrefundable deposit due upon registration).
    * Leader in Training: Specifically for those interested in becoming a peer mentor (see below for more)
  • Way of the ScoutAugust 1-5, ages 10+ (pre-requisite: child must attend At Home in the Woods or an Earthwork Programs weekly seasonal Program prior to attending). $380-$430, sliding scale; $150 nonrefundable deposit required.
  • Hunter-GathererAugust 8-12, ages 12+. $315-$375, sliding scale; $150 nonrefundable deposit required.

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To get an idea of what happens during Earthwork Programs Summer Program, read about A Day in the Life of an Earthwork Camper.

*Leader in Training Camp offers the opportunity for preteens and teens to practice their wilderness skills as well as learn how to peer mentor. Mentoring is much more than simply teaching knowledge or skills. As peer mentors, preteens and teens will lead younger participants to conclusions through the art of questioning. They spark passion, develop the need and/or desire to know, ask leading questions and then offer resources to gain answers and understanding. Upon completion of the LIT week, participants are assessed and may have the opportunity to attend any or all At Home in the Woods Programs as an LIT for half price! There are LIMITED spots for LITs at each At Home in the Woods week (ONLY 2/WEEK RECEIVE LIT DISCOUNT)…so be sure to register early!

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Parents of previous years’ campers said:

(My daughter) feels more empowered and able to solve problems.

At Home in the Woods has shown my son a path to his inner light. (He) is truly himself in the loving care of this program. The counselors are amazing guides. of the woods, being in the woods, relaxation in the woods

What an amazing week! Loved seeing my daughter’s confidence increase in just five days. Her happiness at the end of every day was a gift. Wish we could do more sessions.

(My son) is so engaged, so relaxed, so tired, so dirty-; he’s having the best week!

He learns skills that empower him, and he gets to be out in nature.

I recommend this program frequently!

He gained confidence in being in the outdoors and in his skills as a responsible contributor. He found that there are things he likes to do by himself in the woods and he really felt a sense of accomplishment through fire building and carving. He worked on his collaboration skills.

We were impressed with how well the staff understood and related to the kids.

My younger son is definitely attending next year!

…helped her confidence about interacting with other kids.

He was very excited to share with us.

(My son) did not want the week to end, which is also significant since this is his first year in camps, and he was a bit resistant to them initially.

…allowing kids to explore nature and learn valuable information about some of the uses of plants.

He continues to increase his self-confidence and independence, as well as actual physical skills and knowledge. A program like yours where the instructors meet the child where they are and are not pressuring them, and where the goal is to improve, not meet a certain benchmark, and where the child feels welcome and secure are of immeasurable. Thank you!

After the program, he has mentored his younger brother with carving and safety procedures.

I know he loved it and really liked the teachers. That’s always good.