Earthwork Wilderness Survival Training School | 413-340-1161

For Teens (and Preteens with Wilderness Experience)

Have you ever wanted to make fire without matches? Do you already have a bowdrill and just need
practice? Would you like to learn more about plants that can heal our bodies and are edible? And discover ways to bring yourself to a higher awareness of the natural patterns all around us?

Earthwork Programs offers this new immersion experience…a 2-night, 3-day earth awareness program for teens (and preteens with wilderness experience)…learning and practicing skills for living in-tune with
the landscape.
• Scout Invisibility
Shelter Building
Animal Tracking
Wild Edible & Healing Plants
Fire through Friction
• Knife Safety
• Outdoor Adventure
• Nature Awareness
• Wilderness Survival
• Games & Fun
• More hands-on experiences!!

Our Program provides a safe, fun, learning environment, and we use stories, mentoring, challenge, the Nurtured Heart Approach of praise and encouragement, and feedback to create a community in the Highlands of Western Massachusetts.

WHO: Teens; Preteens with Wilderness Experience
WHERE: Anywhere in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: Usually 3 days, 2 nights (for current schedule, visit our Calendar)
HOW MUCH: $350/person; food is provided, bring or build your own shelter

Contact us for more information!