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Winter Skills, Fire & Night Sky Navigation

Starting a FireFirelight and starlight…learn and practice Winter Wilderness Skills…enjoy a woodland tea, a campfire, stories. Learn navigation by winter stars.

making fire on snowCome with your questions. Here are some of ours: Have you ever made a fire on the snow? Do you know the best fire lays for snow? What if you’re hiking, you don’t know where you are and you don’t have a map or compass? Can you use the stars for navigation? How would you stay warm? What makes a good emergency shelter?

Winter Shelter BuildingFire, navigation, and as time and interest allows, we may work on building a shelter…will discuss several examples and all the basics.

WHO: Adults, Families, Teens
WHERE: Anywhere in the Hilltowns and Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: Monthly or bimonthly (for current schedule, visit our Calendar)
HOW MUCH: $40/adult, $20/child w/adult prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)

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