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Earthwork With Frank Grindrod

Wilderness Living Skills and Nature Awareness

Our classes and workshops are experiential and teach true sustainability… how to live with nature in a way that benefits us and our environment. This creates a natural balance in our lives.  Some of the foundational skills include: fire making, natural cordage, animal tracking, wilderness living skills, wildcrafting, wild edibles and more! We will have time to explore, learn, play and gain new perspective for seeing the world in a changing time.

Programs vary depending upon season, age and interest:

Contact Us for details and scheduling, 413-340-1161.

We offer internships/apprenticeships for people interested in working in the wilderness field. Our Programs are usually held in the Hilltowns and Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, but we will travel for some Custom Programs.

For the most up-to-date schedule of our Programs, you can check our Calendar.

Although students of Earthwork Programs can become (or already are) naturalists, trackers, and primitive skills experts, we also create …powerful, centered, self-motivated young adults, able to think critically for themselves, with the confidence and inspiration to dream a vivid dream of their own future, and the skills and enthusiasm to pursue that vision. – excerpt from Wilderness Awareness School, with which Earthwork Programs is affiliated.

“My son is noticing things, developing an awareness outdoors. It gives him a knowledge base to work from, whether looking at tracks, birds, or plants and their uses. He’s acquiring a foundation to build on.”
J. O’Connor, mother

Memorable Quotes…
“I have Barred Owl!” Christoph
“I noticed the days are getting longer.” Child in Heron Program
“I’m so thankful – a long very heartfelt list.” (upon rejoining Heron) Teagan
“Good sacrifice, Max!” Liam (when he was willing to trade teams)
“It was really hard for me – I left my body.” Tavi (being an eagle, a guided visualization)
“I don’t care if I am annoyed, dirty, muddy as long as I am having fun.” Benedict
“I want to be an LIT!” Max (watching Freddie do bowdrill, asking to help out)
“Who are you?” Teagan (to Benedict who had his hood on)
“Cute, the way I am doing this, wrap it around my finger [cattail fiber]…gives it an old look…antique.” Child
“I am working hard towards my Bobcat badge” Liam (using his knife on cordage)
“I need an assignment for you, HenaSusha.” Liam
“Smells like Frank, he smells like fluff.” Liam on guessing that Frank was hiding nearby
“I can carve a rock with a rock, I am thankful for jagged edges” Christoph explaining the bipolar split rock
“Reminds him of a wolf, I smell a rock.” (after Christoph brought his bipolar split rock) Liam
“I can make a stone necklace for you.” Freddie to Sam
“Once you have yours, you get really connected to it.” Ayana
“You’re really good at seeing where the frogs are!’ Benedict to Vanessa
“He said ‘NO thanks!'” Christoph when the frog jumped out of his hands
“My foot is bothering me. I think I will take a look at it and put bandage on where it hurts.” Max