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    Wilderness First Aid

  • Leader in Training

    Wilderness First Aid

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    Practice Wilderness Skills

  • Leader in Training


  • Leader in Training


  • Leader in Training

    Practicing Wilderness Skills

Learning & Practicing Wilderness Skills while Learning How to Peer Mentor

NEW for 2018–LIT is an Overnight Program: Monday, July 2-Thursday, July 5

Leader in Training (LIT) Program offers the opportunity for preteens and teens to practice their wilderness skills as well as learn how to peer mentor.

July 2 (Monday)-July 5 (Thursday) OVERNIGHT

Monday 9:00 a.m.- Thursday 3:00 p.m. OVERNIGHT

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Conway, MA

Mentoring is much more than simply teaching knowledge or skills. As peer mentors, preteens and teens will lead younger participants to conclusions through the art of questioning. They spark passion, develop the need and/or desire to know, ask leading questions and then offer resources to gain answers and understanding.

And this year, LIT is an Overnight Program.

Overnight Programs give your child the opportunity to build self-confidence while away from home. While developing a connection to the outdoors, they’ll be able to make amazing bonds and lasting relationships.  

Participants will cook meals together and experience the night–a truly powerful experience!

Night hiking, night sky navigation, stories around the campfire! And they’ll have the option to sleep out in shelters we build!

Prior to the LIT Program, Frank requests that LITs prepare a Letter of Intention; in this letter, LITs are asked to explain the following:

  • why they want to be at this particular Program
  • how they planning on contributing to others’ learning
  • what gifts they have to share
  • AND if possible, attach a photograph of the LIT doing something in nature…

On Thursday of the LIT week, the LITs will be invited to demonstrate their willingness to be an LIT and mentor and to show what skills they learned and how they can integrate them…it can be something they crafted, wrote, a video, a lesson plan. Frank will discuss this more on the first day of the Program.

Upon completion of the LIT Program, participants are assessed and may have the opportunity to attend any or all At Home in the Woods Camps as an LIT for half price! There are LIMITED spots for LITs at each At Home in the Woods week (ONLY 2/WEEK RECEIVE LIT DISCOUNT)…so be sure to register early!

FOR LIT OVERNIGHT: $799-999, sliding scale, for 4 days & 3 nights, includes meals ($400 non-refundable deposit required upon registration)

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ADD ON WILDERNESS FIRST AID TRAINING (8 hours–Thursday, July 5 & Friday, July 6, book & certificate): $199 ($100 non-refundable deposit required upon registration)



Ages–Anyone interested in becoming Wilderness First Aid Certified

July 5 (Thursday)-July 6 (Friday)

10 am-2 pm both days (total of 8 hours)

Conway, MA


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For LITs and anyone who is interested in becoming Wilderness First Aid certified are invited to choose this add-on. It will include 8 hours of training on Thursday, July 5 & Friday, July 6, along with the book and a certificate (which is good for 3 years).

We need a minimum of 8 participants for Wilderness First Aid to happen.

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Things Past LITs Have Said about Being a Leader in Training:

Teamwork was fun (and clearly important), whether it was for cutting down a tree or building a shelter.

As an LIT, it was great to work with the younger kids and have them look up to me. If you teach them to love nature at this early age – they’ll have that for the rest of their lives.

I’m also looking forward to learning new skills at any time, as well teaching others the ones I know.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it in the past, look forward to learning more skills, and want to help others have the experiences I have had in the past.

I will help others learn by adjusting to their needs, trying to connect with them more personally, and being open to going out of my comfort zone to help others.

I wish to contribute to other people’s learning by: if someone is struggling with something show them again how to do it, teach others cool ways to do one chore or project and inspire other campers to create something while at this camp.

I have many gifts to share some of the are physical and some are mental. Here are a few of my gifts I could share: my skill with cordage, my sense of humor my knowledge of plants and camouflage.

I think this camp is unique in the way that you and other counselors have so much trust in people that you barely know and trust us with many many important things.

The gift I have to share is that I am comfortable speaking to others.

I plan on contributing to others learning by sharing my knowledge of tracking, knife safety,  fox walking fire, and animals sign such as scat, tracks, and a little bit of bird language.

I have been a camper at Earthworks for many years and I want to take it a step further by being an LIT.

There have been so many people that have taught me, I can use their influence to help me teach others.