Wildlife Tracking Presentation at River Valley Market

Wildlife Tracking Presentation & Walk

Have you ever been in the woods and wondered “who’s been here?” Learn how to see, read and interpret the stories of the forest and the animals who are all around us.

 This presentation will uncover the secrets of:

  • the 5 arts of tracking
  • identifying clear print tracks
  • sign tracking (the clues animals leave behind that tells the stories of their passing through)
  • foot morphology

By the end of this slideshow, you will know what questions to ask yourself. You will have a foundation to be able to interpret what you’re seeing, and you’ll be able to use these tools whenever you’re in the wilderness!

Then, join us for our walk (2/18 @ Fitzgerald Lake Conservation, 12-3 pm, $50) where we implement these skills in the forest with a community of like-minded people who are immersed in ancient and modern teachings.

Bring your field guides, journal and sense of wonder!

Register today! before 2/6