Winter Fire Building with Earthworks

Winter Fire!
How to make a fire in any winter condition and what to bring
Have you ever struggled to get a fire going or got lost on a hike on a snowy mountain or on a trip?

A fire may be the difference between life and death. This full day Experience will give you a challenge within a supportive group and help you to know where your survival skills currently are. You’ll leave this course with fundamentals that will give you the foundation to develop your confidence to be in any conditions in the outdoors! With this knowledge we will guide you to bring them to the next level! This training gives you freedom to travel to experience wild nature on your terms without the limitations of being confined to the trail.Although this is a Fun time you will walk away with skills that are life saving! You’ll learn how to utilize these foundational basics of what key items to bring and how to use them, and why you should have them every time you venture into the outdoors. They are guaranteed tried and true methods to increase your chances to start a fire every single time you apply the methods you will learn!
Do you worry about family members…perhaps teenagers or children…in the woods? You may want to bring your family to this Workshop. Would you ever go on a boat without a life vest; drive without a seatbelt; let kids swim without a lifeguard? Then you should not let your kids go into the freezing cold wilderness without this training.
It its tons of Fun in an Adventure in Wild nature with friends.

WHO: Adults, Teens
WHERE: Ramblewilds 1400 Acre property
HOW MUCH:Adult $135.00 per person child $120.00 ( ask about multiple family members)

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