Earthwork Wilderness Survival Training School | 413-340-1161

  • how to make fire in an emergency situation?

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  • how to build a shelter in the woods?

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  • how to find the plants that can heal our bodies & are edible?

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  • the steps to take when someone is lost?

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Have you ever wanted to discover ways to bring yourself to a higher awareness of the natural patterns all around us?

This Program is an introduction to survival fires, shelter building and discovering wild edibles.

Learn skills that have been passed down for generations: starting fires without a match, building shelters that could save your life in an emergency situation, identifying and gathering wild edibles, and recognizing medicinal plants. Learn the skills to have peace of mind in the woods as well as be prepared for comfort in the outdoors without a tent.

Classes take place on the 90 acres on and around Zoar Outdoor in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains and Deerfield River Valley. No prior experience is required.

All full-day Programs will provide a delicious picnic-style lunch with salads, homemade breads for deli-style sandwiches, cookies and, perhaps, foraged edibles prepared over an open fire. A sheath with knife will also be provided for you.

Classes will be held rain or shine; please be prepared to be outdoors in the event of rain.

Dates to be determined

Minimum Age: 14, or 10 with an accompanying adult

$120/adult, $100/child; 50% deposit required