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How to Survive a Gas Shortage

[FREE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST]   The gas shortage is still ongoing, and prices are rising in areas where it is available.  According to Autoweek, gas shortages could last past the restart of the Colonial Pipeline, and they may not dissipate fast. Are you prepared?  According to FEMA, 49% of people have NOT prepared for an […]

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Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills

​IF you haven’t taken our ​Essential Bushcraft ​Survival Skills Quiz yet, STOP!! Click below to take the quiz before reading further. ​​Take the Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills Quiz ​The first question was:  Select all the options below that are considered “Rules for Survival.”All 5 options are correct. Each one you selected was worth one point:  3 […]

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

As we walk into the forest, we see all the different types trees, and we know, somehow, that they all have a purpose in life, just like we do. We notice many have lost their leaves this time of year, and the forest looks completely different—kind of empty because you can see so far, and […]

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Not Just Your Everyday Campfire

So everybody has spent time around a campfire, right? Maybe you roasted marshmallows, shared stories, cooked yummy food and enjoyed the mesmerizing flame. Perhaps, if we were moths, we would be drawn to it the same way they are. Take a walk back in time and imagine our ancestors sitting around the campfire. This fire […]

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Ancient Times and Early Humans: A View of the Past

Let’s look at early humans and how they and their tools changed over time. We need to see through the eyes of archeologists and anthropologists to learn the specific skills and tools for dating artifacts and linking them to specific time periods. This means we need to use our tracking skills! Lets get started… Imagine […]

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Acorns,Acorns where are you acorns

This year I started to notice the oaks producing nuts and them dropping in late august.  Now coming onto the end of October I am noticing hardly ANY acorns dropping. There have been only a few individual trees where I have seen a good crop. Last year we were swimming in acorns.It was a mast […]

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