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Have you ever been in the woods and wonder "who's been here?"

Are you someone looking for professional tracking services? Need to educate your staff or team?

Join us for the art and science of tracking. Since 1999, we have had workshops and field classes; in recent years, we've added slide shows and video tutorials.

Are you curious about what wildlife lives on your land? We offer wildlife tracking inventories and mapping. This important skill is bringing about real change in wildlife research efforts and has been invaluable to projects throughout the world with quantifiable data.

Learn how to read signs and tell the stories of the landscape and learn terminology so you can have a common language for wildlife conservation efforts.

ANIMAL TRACKING is held during these Weekends of Workshops:

Wilderness Extravaganza!


When asked what value was received from this Workshop, a participant replied:
"Reading signs, both macro (teeth marks on trees) and micro disturbance of rocks, leaves, and evidence of shrew poop. Being very patient and calm. Having books, rulers, magnifying glass with me. Realizing I need and want far more experiences with you."

In our tracking classes, throughout the year, beginner and expert trackers come together and are immersed in ancient and modern teachings. Explore your understanding of the natural world through the eyes of a tracker. Bring your field guides, journal and sense of wonder...for families, teens and adults.

There's no better teacher than experience...learn and practice,
* the 5 arts of tracking;
* the art of questioning;
* 3 perspectives of trackings;
* mind's eye training;
* field journaling!

This Workshop allows you to spend time with our staff in a nurturing community that fosters a strong connection to nature and each other. You will develop a comfort and confidence while being in the natural world. We use a mentoring approach to teach a deep awareness for and love of the Earth.

Tracking Bio for Frank Grindrod:

  • Level 2 Track and Sign Evaluations, Cyber Tracker International
  • Wildlife Trackers of North America
  • Mark Elbroch's Evaluation of Track and Sign

Member of International Society of Professional Trackers
Former Member of "Valley Tracker" in Pioneer Valley Southern New England

Tracking teachers include (but not limited to): Paul Rezendes, Susan Morse of Keeping Track, Tom Brown, Mark Elbroch, Charles Worsham, Alan Emond.

Published many articles through the local paper Valley Kids, as well as blog posts on tracking (below are a few links to Earthwork Programs blogs):
* Introduction to Tracking: Seeing through the Eyes of the Forest
* Incredible Insects

Frank Grindrod and Earthwork Programs have done tracking workshops and classes with these organizations and groups (partial list):

  • DCR
  • Universal Access
  • The Kestrel Trust
  • The Hilltown Community Initiative
  • Trustees of Reservation
  • Shutesbury Library
  • Bonnyville Environmental Education Center
  • The Marion Institute
  • Adventure In/Adventure Out
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • The Athol Bird and Nature Club

"Attending tracking days as a family builds upon different foundations. It pushes social skills a bit more, not just interacting with peers but interacting in a meaningful way with a mixed age group that includes family members and other adults."
J. O'Connor

"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon tracking in the Quabbin. The Kestrel Trust was so pleased to kickoff our 40th anniversary with this celebration of wildlife in our region. It was a treat to see the tracks of otter, moose, bobcat, deer, beaver and more!

You have a true talent for interpreting the landscape. Your gentle way of teaching and leading people through the woods is a pleasure to experience. The attending members of The Kestrel Trust were very impressed by the workshop. We hope to do more with you in the future."
Kristin DeBoer, Executive Director, The Kestrel Trust