primitive bushcraft skills birch bark basket earthwork programs





Birchbark sheets are peeled and stored flat to be cut to shape.

Bark is heated to bend into shape and clamped while holes are made to lace the baskets tight.

Lacing is of inner bark of basswood or some local roots can be dug from pine or hemlock for those who wish to try that.

Rims are added for strength and beauty; handles can be added as well 








Use chert flakes that are particularly wide, flat and long to chip into knife blades using basic flint knapping tools.

Knife handles are split out of local woods and shaped with stone tools (and / or modern tools, optional).

Pine pitch glue is made and used to fix the blades into their handles.

Conifer roots are dug, prepared and used to tie the handle halves tight around the chert blades.

(If time permits, simple folded bark sheaths can be made, pierced and laced tight with leftover roots)



Stay tuned as more Primitive & Bushcraft Processes are added!