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Creating Vision plus Team Member Consultant




3 Months

Results: creating direction and plan in helping other team members to all be on same page and share success strategies.


Setting an intention that you want to create a powerful Vision utilizing all of your resources and creating an ecosystem where there is a web that connects all the care providers and family members. This is the most powerful strategy we can envision and implement.

Nurtured Heart Culture






  • An Engaging NHA Presentation for group of 10 1.5 hour. Can include family members, teachers, school Counselor, care providers.
  • Two (2 hour slots) Personally integrating my coaching with family time to have a first hand experience and perspective.  
  • Facilitating the design of the credit system creating own economy.
  • One 90 Minute discovery session
  • 6 one hour coaching sessions
  • Email Support within 24 hours
  • 3 Check in phone calls (15 min each)



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