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Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles & Medicinals Workshop (WE 3) 2018



$50/adult, prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)


2018 DATES
Sat, May 19, 1-4 pm (Outdoor Skills Weekend Getaway!)
Sun, June 3, 1-4 pm
Sat, July 14, 4:30-7:30 pm (Berries, Baskets & Brook Trout Weekend!)
Sat, September 22, 1-4 pm (Wilderness Extravaganza Weekend!)
Sun, October 14, 1-4 pm
Sun, November 11, 1-4 pm

(you don’t have to attend all Workshops in the Series)
Join Frank Grindrod of Earthwork Programs and Lenore Anderson of Natural Vitality for this unique experience and come away with skills in correct identification of wild edibles and medicines you can find right outside your back door.

Lenore Anderson, M.A. Educator, Holistic Health Coach and Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Acupressurist and Clinical Herbalist, will work with Frank Grindrod on these Workshops.

You will learn how and when to harvest by season and in what habitat to seek out your favorite wild edibles. Additionally you will learn how to harvest with intention; keeping in mind the importance of the responsibility we have as foragers and earth stewards.

A responsible, attentive forager always finds a meal!

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