25 years of mentoring youth

Heron is our signature program, taking place since 1999! In 2020, all Homeschool Programs moved to Conway, MA!

Hundreds of homeschoolers have taken the challenge of the Heron for (ages 6-10) have developed their nature awareness and wilderness living skills;

many have become Swift Eagles  (which is held at the same time/same place as Heron and is for teens and preteens)!

We run programs throught the year in all seasons

Curriculum covered is seasonal according to the natural laws and cycles of nature. For the development of wilderness living skills, it is necessary that we follow the rhythms of the Earth by harvesting materials and creating our earthen wares in the proper season.

That was the awesome-est Heron I’ve ever had! exclaimed Xavier as he came out of the woods…traipsing through 2 feet of snow!

50% tuition due upon registration; balance due within 2 weeks after the start of Program…payment plan is available

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