The Wilderness Adventure Center

Essential Skills for Outdoor Survival

Kids are Stressed. Parents are Overloaded.

Learning Needs to Be Fun Again!

The Earthwork Adventure Center Teaches Outdoor Survival Skills and Nature Readiness.

The Earthwork Adventure Center is a Resource

for parents to teach their kids outdoor skills that build confidence, grow motivation and provide a sense of achievement.

It’s a Toolbox

Members have access to a series of how-to outdoor survival skills videos and nature readiness programs.

  • Skill-building workshops for newbies and experts.
  • Learn to explore in your backyard, in a campground, or a wilderness area.
  • Become a part of our facebook community to connect and learn from other adventurers.

Covid-19 has Shaken Everyone's Confidence

When a child can master skills, it builds confidence and they earn a sense of accomplishment.

 Children have a need to connect with nature, especially in today's busy and overwhelming world!

Let's Make Learning Fun Again

  • Master Skills

Find your favorite skills and learn to master them.

  • Get Outside

Getting outdoors provides kids with a chance to destress, breathe and recharge

  • Have Fun Learning

Online learning has everyone stressed. Get outdoors and escape.



Become a Member of the Adventure Center

Join the Earthwork Adventure Center and get access to the resource library for outdoor survival skills and nature readiness.

Look at What You Get!

Must Have Skills

Mastering the right skills makes the difference between struggling and thriving! Having the right tool for the right job and knowing how to use it changes you from a beginner to an expert, someone who can be confident in their abilities. If you can read a compass, safely sharpen and use a knife, successfully build a fire and tie a few important knots, you will have a solid foundation of skills that you can rely on in any wilderness situation.

Using Your Compass
Using a Knife
 Tying Knots
 Making Fire
 Make a spoon

 Before You Go

You can have an adventure just about anywhere, from your own backyard to a state park to deep wilderness. Wherever you’re camping, it’s important to be prepared with the right clothing and gear.

 Gearing Up
 Survival Kit
 Pack Your Gear

 Setting Up Camp

Now that you know what equipment you need and have practiced and become proficient at some important survival skills, it’s time for you to answer the call to adventure. In this section, you’ll learn how to choose your campsite, how to organize your site, and learn how to create shelter.

 Choose Your Location
 Organize Your Camp
 The Art of Shelter

 Food & Water

According to the law of 3’s, a person can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. The power of the mind, however, can alter these limitations (for better or for worse).  Learning shelter, water and food basics can give you confidence to be more adventurous.

 Importance of Water
 Purifying Water
 Campfire Cooking

 Plus Bonus Materials Worth Over $600!

 160-page Book  Mailed to You
 FREE E-book: Building an Emergency Fire
 FREE E-book: Building an Emergency Fire
  • PLUS, The Adventure Continues With New Videos Coming Soon!

The Adventure Center knows that once you start exploring you will not want to stop. That is why we will continue to add new videos and training materials to help you continue to grow your skills and learn about outdoor survival.

  • PLUS, Downloadable Quick Reference Tip Sheets to take with you.

Take our quick reference with you on your next adventure to ensure you remember all the things you’ve learned and have easy to follow directions with you.

  • Order Before XX/XX and Get 3 Mastermind Sessions with Author & Survivalist Frank Grindrod.

Act fast and have a chance to attend an online group session with Author & Survivalist, Frank Grindrod. Get personalized instruction and be able to ask your questions. Don’t miss this chance to learn from an expert.



Become a Member of the Adventure Center

Join the Earthwork Adventure Center and get access to the resource library for outdoor survival skills and nature readiness.

 We Have Over 21 Years of Experience in Wilderness Education.  Here is what Our Parent Have to Say:

J. O'Connor


My son is noticing things, developing an awareness outdoors. It gives him a knowledge base to work from, whether looking at tracks, birds, or plants and their uses. He’s acquiring a foundation to build on.

L. Blackburn

 Family Participants

Frank is a gentle, kind, encouraging, inclusive and knowledgeable leader. He is wonderful with adults and children alike and creates an outstanding experience for everyone.


Student's father

He gained confidence in being in the outdoors and in his skills as a responsible contributor. He found that there are things he likes to do by himself in the woods and he really felt a sense of accomplishment through fire building and carving. 

 Local & National Media

Featured On NPR (Radio & Article):  Oct 2020
 Featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette:  Aug 2019
Featured on Mass Appeal (Massachusetts/TV):  July 2019

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Wilderness Adventure Camp Essential Outdoor Survival Skills for Kids

162 pages of outdoor survival skills, fully illustrated, with step-by-step instructions to help you master the basic skills needed for outdoor survival.  Learn knife skills, fire making, knot tying, shelter building, and campfire cooking.

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