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Put the “quest” back into “question!”

Adventure awaits teens and preteens with wilderness experience who are looking to get out into nature and discover all the mysteries in the wilderness!

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Have you ever wanted to make fire without matches? Do you already have a bowdrill and just need practice? Would you like to learn more about plants that can heal our bodies and are edible? And discover ways to bring yourself to a higher awareness of the natural patterns all around us?

Learn and practice skills for living in-tune with the landscape:
• Scout Invisibility
• Shelter Building
• Animal Tracking
• Wild Edible & Healing Plants
• Fire through Friction
• Knife Safety
• Outdoor Adventure
• Nature Awareness
• Wilderness Survival
• Games & Fun
• More hands-on experiences!!


WHO: Teens; Preteens with Wilderness Experience

WHERE: Conway, MA

WHEN: Monday, July 20-Friday, July 24, 9 am-3 pm 

HOW MUCH: $375-$435

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