An Outdoor Adventure Program


Earthlands, Petersham, MA

A group adventure following the historic Swift River to the Quabbin

A walk in nature’s day and night.

Explore the diversity of nature’s ecosystems. Learn map and compass, navigate by the stars. Practice wildlife tracking, night vision and sensory awareness activities. As we explore the night, we will “cat nap” along the way.

Larry Buell will share historical stories of the land since indigenous times, early farming settlements and how time has changed the Swift River Valley.

Join us with:

  • Dr. Larry Buell, Naturalist and Historian of the Swift River Valley, Author of The 24 Hour Experience, which began in 1975.
  • Lenore Anderson, MA, Ed. Herbalist, Outward Bound Instructor, 24-hour Experience Leader.
  • Frank Grindrod, Director of Earthwork Programs, Earth Skills Artists, 24-hour Experience Leader.

For more information and to register, contact University of the Wild at Earthlands (

Sliding scale tuition and scholarship may be available.