Earthwork Programs is seeking talented college students & other interested adults to serve as interns/apprentices

Earthwork Programs facilitates many hands-on educational programs that aim to reconnect adults and children to nature. We offer experiences that introduce people to a new awareness of themselves and the natural world.

Interns and apprentices play a critical role in helping to carry out our programs, while also developing their skills and knowledge regarding wilderness survival.

Interns and apprentices have the opportunity to staff our Programs including:

Summer Programs 

• At Home in the Woods (ages 5+)

• Leader in Training (teen/preteen)

• Way of the Wilderness Warrior (teen/preteen)

• Hunter-Gatherer (teen/preteen)

Weekly, full-day nature immersion Homeschool Programs in the Fall, Winter & Spring

Weekends of Wilderness Skills Workshops

• Fire making

• Wildlife tracking

• Wild edibles & medicinals foraging

• Shelter building

• Lostproofing

• Night navigation & more

Living History & Custom Programs for groups

Interns receive hands-on training in applied mentoring principles and earth-based skills, including outdoor shelter building, tracking and mammal studies, plant identification and uses, matchless fire making, carving and hand tool-making, bird language, lost proofing and aidless navigation, ecology/naturalist skills, community development, and so much more!

If you are eager to develop your abilities and contribute your passion for reconnecting people to the natural world, please complete this Internship Application (Google Form)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some words from past Interns/Apprentices about their experience with Earthwork Programs:

Interning at Earthwork was a wonderful experience for me. I learned as much as I taught. I was inspired by the incredible diversity of experiences and teachable moments that can occur when walking out into the woods with a group of kids. It is an empowering experience for the children who participate in Earthwork programs as much as it is for the interns who work with them. While at Earthwork, I learned tracking, bird language, games, friction fires and shelters. I laughed and played as much as the kids did and I found myself walking barefoot in the mud and getting buried in the snow. I recommend the experience to anyone interested in outdoor education.



One of my favorite ‘touches’ of the program is the ubiquitous, almost unconscious, dedication to being thankful. It happened so often and so easily; that it flows into and over your life, and you can't help but be thankful for things.

Kirsten Goldman