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Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills

​IF you haven’t taken our ​Essential Bushcraft ​Survival Skills Quiz yet, STOP!! Click below to take the quiz before reading further. ​​Take the Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills Quiz ​The first question was:  Select all the options below that are considered “Rules for Survival.”All 5 options are correct. Each one you selected was worth one point:  3 […]

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Most Important for Your Emergency Preparedness Plan: You’ll Need This within Your First 3 Days or Sooner

Earthwork Emergency Preparedness Plan: Water People can only survive a few days without water. Do you have a plan for producing, storing, and accessing drinkable water in an emergency? Staying hydrated is essential for peak mental and physical performance during a crisis, so follow these steps prepared by the experts at Earthworks to ensure you […]

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Wild Edibles & Medicinals – Roots

Do you dig roots like Lenore Anderson does? BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR THE NOVEMBER WILD EDIBLES & MEDICINALS WORKSHOP to learn all about ROOTS! Enjoy a root harvest medicine walk. Lenore will teach you how to identify medicinal plants, and practice ethical harvesting and processing medicinal roots & barks into teas, tinctures and syrups.

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