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How to Survive a Gas Shortage

[FREE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST]   The gas shortage is still ongoing, and prices are rising in areas where it is available.  According to Autoweek, gas shortages could last past the restart of the Colonial Pipeline, and they may not dissipate fast. Are you prepared?  According to FEMA, 49% of people have NOT prepared for an […]

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Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills

​IF you haven’t taken our ​Essential Bushcraft ​Survival Skills Quiz yet, STOP!! Click below to take the quiz before reading further. ​​Take the Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills Quiz ​The first question was:  Select all the options below that are considered “Rules for Survival.”All 5 options are correct. Each one you selected was worth one point:  3 […]

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Most Important for Your Emergency Preparedness Plan: You’ll Need This within Your First 3 Days or Sooner

Earthwork Emergency Preparedness Plan: Water People can only survive a few days without water. Do you have a plan for producing, storing, and accessing drinkable water in an emergency? Staying hydrated is essential for peak mental and physical performance during a crisis, so follow these steps prepared by the experts at Earthworks to ensure you […]

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