January 4


Earthwork Programs Homeschool – We Can Help (Video)

Happy New Year!

There was supposed to be the end of COVID we thought...now we are not sure when it will end. We understand how hard it can be to not know what to do and be in limbo. However, we have been here for you since the beginning, offering outdoor adventure and escaping the "zoom jail" remote learning. Let us help your kids get off the screens and get outdoors and connect with Nature.



We know you’re all going through some challenging times…and we’re here to help, if needed. We understand the schools' plans are changing (seems like constantly these days), and it's difficult for you to plan.

Winter Wilderness Homeschool starts this Friday, 1/7...it's an 8-week session, ending in early March. Earthwork Programs has been here for more than 20 years, building community, providing:

  • social, interactive time with an inclusive community
  • off-screen all day (no Zoom!)
  • outside activities all day
  • one-on-one mentoring with male and female adult role models
  • and of course, wilderness skills!

We will continue to follow MA Covid Guidelines.

We're offering an option to join the Winter session either starting this Friday or next Friday (1/14) @ a reduced-rate (just available until this Thursday, 1/6; after that, the rate will be the regular rate and can be pro-rated).


Choose your start date--either 1/7 or 1/14--the tuition has been reduced and pro-rated for each. You can just pay the deposit now (the balance is due 1/21):

  • Reduced - Deposit-only 8-week Winter - start 1/7
    $340.00 deposit $680.00 Total
  • Reduced - Pay-in-Full 8-week Winter - start 1/7
  • Reduced - Deposit-only 7-week Winter - start 1/14
    $300.00 deposit $595.00 Total
  • Reduced - Pay-in-Full 7-week Winter - start 1/14

Regular tuition is $720 for the 8-week Winter session.