Have you ever wanted to:
…make fire without matches?
…learn plants that can heal our bodies and are edible?
…discover ways to bring yourself to a higher awareness of the natural patterns all around us?

Join us for a 24-hour wilderness skills weekend just for adults! After a full day of developing and honing your wilderness skills, spend time sharing stories around the campfire. Experience the awakening, inspiration and wonder of the wild. Earthwork Programs offers this immersion experience of awareness and skills for living in-tune with the landscape.

• Wilderness Survival
• Animal Tracking
• Knife Safety, Use and Care
• Routines of Invisibility and Bird Language
• Wild Edible and Healing Plant Identification and Application
• Movement and Awareness Techniques
• Find Your Way without Map and Compass

Lots of hands-on experiences, and plenty of time for games and fun!

WHO: Adults
WHERE: Anywhere in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: CONTACT US to find out when this will be on the Calendar again!
HOW MUCH: Early-Bird pricing starts at $275

“I spent months working on my survival kit. I read and watched numerous tips about survival and emergency preparedness, but I never got the chance to test what I studied out in the field. I was looking for survival courses in MA and I fortunately came across Earthwork Programs website. Frank was great in formulating an outline to what I would like to master. The first time we got together was nothing less of a humbling yet informative adventure. You will be amazed how a task as simple as making fire in the wilderness can be far from movies and youtube videos. I came back from Frank’s class with better respect for the nature and sharper skills for the wilderness.” O. Atar, Wilderness Skills participant

“I want to be comfortable staying in the woods at night while camping and also in case I get lost while hiking, so took the Wilderness Weekend Intensive workshop that included building a debris hut and staying in it over night. I built the hut during a super-soaking rainstorm complete with thunder roaring in the distance, which was excellent weather to practice primitive survival skills in! I returned home exhausted, damp, sore all over, smelling of campfire smoke and covered with dirt and debris, but more confident about my outdoor skills, my soul full of joy and my heart yearning for more of that type of teaching. The Earthwork instructors were excellent. I highly recommend that workshop.” G.Parloe, Spring Wilderness Weekend Intensive for Adults participant