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Ready for an adventure during this winter break? Then get your snowshoes and meet us on the trail!

Traditional Wilderness Winter Camping

Do you want to learn how to

  • swing an axe on snowshoes chopping wood?
  • chisel through the ice to carry water?
  • pack sleds?
  • travel on ice and snow?
  • track animals in winter?

Learn the study of winter ecology and winter tree identification?
Learn Winter Emergency Survival Skills?
winter sled pulling

AND have fun while doing it?

In this Program, we will spend 5 days and 4 nights in the wilderness…taking care of our survival needs: shelter, water, fire and food.

We’ll make our camp, prepare and cook our meals by the fire and live outdoors. Learn the difference between “winter camping” and “winter living skills.”

Hands-on instruction:

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  • firebuilding in snow,
  • shelter construction in cold (lacking snow and deep snow),
  • wood stove use and safety,
  • knife and saw use and safety,
  • use of the ice chisel,
  • understanding ice and ice safety,
  • winter tree identification,
  • outdoor cooking,
  • making emergency snowshoes, and,
  • in general, how to live safely and comfortably below zero.

The goal is for participants to learn how to conduct themselves well in bitter cold.

WHO: Adults
WHERE: The Foothills of the Berkshires
WHEN: Dates to be determined

HOW MUCH: $399 for 5 days and 4 nights, includes food, lodging, hands-on instruction and transportation from the Amtrak and Peter Pan Bus stations in Northampton, MA.

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