ART OF FIRE is held during these Weekends of Workshops:

Can fire really be made by rubbing sticks together?

Yes! There are more than 30 ways to make fire!

It's a skill that has been passed on for generations...learn to create fire without matches.

Experience this lost art that we are preserving and sharing with the future generations...see our children rekindle this connection to our past and see for yourself why this is essential to witness. Give it a try yourself or help your son or daughter.

WHO: Adults, Families, Teens
WHERE: Conway, MA
HOW MUCH: $75 /adult, $45/child w/adult prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)

The Art of Fire

"Think you’re prepared by having on hand a few extra batteries in your home or a blanket and flashlight in the trunk of your car?

What if you were alone in the woods with nothing to make a fire with but a single match? How prepared would you feel then?

You will be better prepared if you take the amazing Fire Starter course offered by Frank Grindrod and Earthwork Programs. In just a few hours on a cloudy, cool April afternoon, a handful of strangers and I were led into the woods and taught to identify and gather the best sources of tinder, taught what burns fastest and easiest . . . and even what’s not safe to burn.

While giving caring attention to each participant as we attempted to nurse spark into flame, Frank regaled us with facts and clues, hints and pearls of wisdom about the life and splendor surrounding us in that glorious natural setting.

The only thing more important than being prepared is being taught preparedness by an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend this course!"

Sara W., Earthwork participant

Have you ever made a fire on the snow? Do you know how to make fire? What if you and your family are hiking, skiing or out for a drive and get stranded? A fun outing can become a potential life threatening emergency rather quickly given certain conditions. How would you stay warm?

At our WinterFire Workshops, you'll learn one of the most important outdoor skills: how to survive in the wilderness in winter and develop some outdoor survival skills in fire-starting methods and techniques.