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Exploring in the wilderness is such a joy, especially if you can go off trail. In the Northeast, our forests are filled with dense woodland; we do not have great vistas like out west. This offers a great challenge in navigation.

Through awareness exercises as well as map study, compass work and aidless navigation, you can become more comfortable in the wilderness when off trail. We are excited to offer this new course; we will be weaving in tips and tricks to help you when you’re in the wild.

During this 3-hour Workshop, you’ll learn about
* compass,
* maps,
* measuring distance,
* sight lining and
* celestial navigation.

WHO: Adults, Teens
WHERE: Anywhere in Western Massachusetts
WHEN: 3-hour Workshop, usually on weekends CONTACT US to find out when this Workshop will be scheduled!
HOW MUCH: $50/adult, $30/child w/adult prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)

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