Skiers, Snowmobilers, Ice Fisherman, Hunters, Outdoor Enthusiasts!

Have you ever struggled to get a fire going or got lost on a hike on a snowy mountain?

A fire may be the difference between life and death. This 3-hour Workshop will not only entertain you, but it may save your life! You’ll learn how to take these 3 things, and why you should have them every time the temperature drops below 32 degrees…
because they will start a fire every single time you apply the methods you will learn in this Workshop.

Do you worry about family members…perhaps teenagers or children…in the woods? You may want to bring your family to this Workshop. Would you ever go on a boat without a life vest; drive without a seatbelt; let kids swim without a lifeguard? Then you should not let your kids go into the freezing cold wilderness without this training.

WHO: Adults, Families, Teens
WHERE: Anywhere in the Hilltowns and Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: CONTACT US to find out when this will be on the Calendar again!
HOW MUCH: $50/adult, $30/child w/adult prepaid (add $10/person if pay day of)