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Be Prepared…Not Scared.

The weather in New England can be robust. We’ve seen tornadoes and twisters, snowstorms with an abundance of snow, flooding and severe thunderstorms. Maybe the Ice Storms of Winter 2008 or the Halloween Snowstorm 2011 brought an “emergency” to your doorstep? These storms are powerful teachers. We were reminded that we need each other and need to have certain awareness and skills.




This hands-on, engaging workshop will demonstrate the practical skills you need as you learn how to:

  • Create warm shelter in or outside your home;
  • Stay healthy through safe hygiene and sanitation practices;
  • Make water safe to drink;
  • Make fire when matches are wet or lighter fluid doesn’t work due to extreme cold;
  • Find the best food sources when grocery stores are wiped out or you can’t get to them;
  • Prepare food when the stove or microwave doesn’t work;
  • Use your car as a shelter, for cooking food and making a fire.

Our classes are experiential and teach foundational skills for true sustainability; how to live with nature in a way that benefits us and our environment. This creates a natural balance in our lives. We will have time to explore, learn, play and gain new perspective for seeing the world in a changing time.

WHO: Adults
WHERE: Northeast locations
WHEN: Seasonally CONTACT US to find out when this Workshop will be scheduled!
HOW MUCH: $60/person PREPAID; $70/person if paid on day of Workshop

I’m pleased to recommend Frank’s Emergency Survival and Self-Sufficiency Workshop. Put simply, Frank gave me what no book can convey: great hands on experience in crucial survival techniques. Jon, a recent Workshop participant

The workshop that I took with Frank was very interesting and pretty exciting, it felt great to join together with a knowledgeable expert to learn some basic concepts that I can put into action and know that if am emergency situation arises, that I would survive. There seems to be more and more opportunity for survival skills to be vital to individuals and our community, Frank passes along lots of good ideas about preparing for breaking down in your auto in a snowstorm and readying your homes for the great transition away from petroleum and its infrastructure that seems to be gaining speed all around us. I look forward to taking this knowledge and putting it to the test. B. Long, Emergency Survival and Self-Sufficiency Skills Workshop, MA Participant

Thank you for the opportunity to partake in the survival workshop. Frank is clearly very, very knowledgable on the subject, and better yet, is a great instructor, leader and conveys his information extremely well and in an interesting manner. I really appreciated how he sometimes just talked and gave us information, and then there were the interactive learning moments that brought the information home differently.
The biggest thing I brought away from the class was the importance of having a complete car survival/readiness kit.
Thank you all,
K. Guidry, Emergency Survival and Self-Sufficiency Skills Workshop in VT Participant

I attended the Hulbert Winter Skills Day program on January 8, 2011 and participated in The Art of Buildling Snow Shelters, taught by Frank Grindrod. Frank proved to be very knowledgeable as well as a great teacher, and I had a great time learning some of the fine points of constructing a Quinzee. Although I have over forty years of winter camping experience, sleeping out in everything from tarps and tents to various snow shelters, I picked up some very helpful tips that I have since used to construct a very nice quinzee in my own yard. I have since spent two nights in my quinzee and hope to get a few more nights out of it before spring. R. Bourget, Emergency Survival and Self-Sufficiency Skills Workshop, NH Participant