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Introduction to Wilderness Survival

Are you a hiker, skier or just walk in the woods with your kids? What do you do if you get disoriented or some other unexpected situation arises while you’re out and about? Do you have a survival kit? What are the top 10 things you bring with you when you’re in the wilderness?

Earthwork Programs has been teaching these skills for more than 10 years. Make fire with confidence in wet conditions as well as dry. Learn the power of plants and their uses. Discover ways to bring yourself closer to the land through tracking and awareness. When people are in extreme situations, they revert to their training…what kind of training do you have?

Earthwork Programs offers this hands-on experience, plus tracking, awareness and survival.

WHO: Adults, Families, Teens
WHERE: Anywhere in the Hilltowns and Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
WHEN: CONTACT US to find out when this will be on the Calendar again!
HOW MUCH: $50/adult, $25/child w/adult