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Don’t Miss this Exclusive Opportunity for Discovery & Exploration

Earthwork Programs is working with Exploration Institute to bring you a very special opportunity!

Our friends at Exploration Institute (EI) would like to extend a very unique offer to the Earthwork Programs’ community. EI’s small groups of explorers will be embarking on truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and you can be a part of it! You’ll have the opportunity to come to council with other bright, like minded individuals in some of the most remarkable destinations on Earth!

As a member, or Exploration Insider, you will be connected to a community of people who are passionate about sharing these amazing experiences, ideas, insights, and bonds of friendship. In addition to these expeditions, you will gain access to a whole new world of potential to learn, grow and explore!

Our world is changing at unprecedented speeds, with technology advancing exponentially every day. Exploration Institute will be your guide into the next era of the 21st century.

Exploration Insiders will also have exclusive access to experiences with experts in many other fields, such as

  • real astronaut and submarine training,
  • staying with a tribe of native people in the arctic circle,
  • learning the foundations of art in Molokai,
  • understanding the forces of evolution in the Galapagos,
  • trekking deep in the Amazon rainforest,
  • walking on the icepacks of Patagonia,
  • seeing the relics of the Soviet and Russian space facilities, and
  • spending a night with astronomers at some of the great observatories,

to name only a few.

(click to learn about our Southwest and Alaska Expeditions)

All expeditions are led by one or more Subject Matter Expert(s) and supported by a highly professional and experienced crew. These Subject Matter Experts are some of the most knowledgeable in their fields, ranging from professors, to artists, to Navy SEALS.

The One Giant Leap or OGL is the gateway expedition; your first adventure with Exploration Institute. Supported by SEALs, this program will provide the fundamental skills to help you progress as an explorer. This program will massively enhance everyone’s ability to engage and contribute in future expeditions. At its core. OGL is designed to inspire and build a common language and understanding for all Insiders.

The first 10 people from our Earthwork Programs community to sign up using THIS LINK will receive:

  • a significant discount on joining the next generation of explorers as an Insider member, which includes your enrollment in the One Giant Leap program.
  • a limited-edition swag package filled with gear for your first adventure!

If this is the knock at the door you’ve been waiting for, please contact us for more information.

Happy exploring; we look forward to seeing you inside!

As a member, you will receive:

  • Multi-day One Giant Leap adventure (includes all Concierge service)
  • Monthly invitation to Exploration Institute Insiders-only events
  • Includes invitation to the Annual Exploration Institute Convention
  • Access to incredible experiences around the world

This is a time and quantity limited offer.
Subject to rules and contractual agreements.

“Exploration is timeless; it can transform your life. I want to guide you on that journey, because it’s not the places we go that are important, but the experiences we have there. It’s the journey, and who we share it with.” ~Frank Grindrod, Founder of Earthwork Programs