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Dear Parent(s):

Please discuss these questions with your child and then include a response for us. We will get an indication of how familiar your child will be initially with the educational approaches and techniques of our Earthwork Programs classes and workshops. It will also help us to determine if our Program is an appropriate place for each applicant. We are not concerned with comparing your child to anyone else with these questions; we are simply trying to gauge, very roughly, how effective our Program would be for your child. There are no right or wrong answers…

What level of supervision is your child accustomed to in the woods? At school? At home?

How comfortable is your child with reading? What is his/her level of interest in reading?

How comfortable is your child with writing, particularly as a method of communication and self-expression? What is her/his level of interest in writing?

How would you describe your child’s level of self-motivation towards exploring topics of interest to him/her?

How well does he/she work independently at projects, research studies or practicing skills?

How well does your child work with peers?

How would you describe your child’s attention to personal safety and risk-taking?

Has your child ever kissed a frog? Why not? Or conversely, what possessed him/her to do that?