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April 18-21, 2023

Tuesday through Friday

9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Conway, MA
Ages 7 and up

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Experience the AWAKENING of Spring!

While spending lots of time outdoors, we will

  • notice new growth all around us, while learning about edible and medicinal plants,
  • notice new birds…establishing territories.

By practicing nature awareness, we will learn to look deeper and through our tracking skills and the ability to be quiet in the forest, we may even see some of the young wildlife. Animals are very busy this time of year, and it is a great time to actually see wildlife.

We will also wander and learn what to do if lost, learn basic wilderness living skills (like shelter making, fire making, cordage), and develop our ability to be comfortable in the woods. Wherever you are, there is home.

There is so much happening during Spring.

Bonus: In the past, we’ve seen, as a group, baby foxes (kits)…maybe well see them again!

…hanging out and making new friends…while being in the woods…practicing and learning new skills…nothing quite like it!

All of this for $3680 Early-Bird to $414 Regular for 4 days!  

(Early-Bird pricing ends March 18, so register asap)

$184 onrefundable deposit due upon registration

Register for April Vacation Program Now