Corporate and Group Programming

            Are you ready to take your team to the next level?!

At Earthwork we specialize in authentic, hands-on experiences for groups of all sizes and ages.

Our one of a kind programs build strong community amongst the group, while establishing the foundations of real-world problem-solving

We offer unique opportunities for a “real experience” that builds trust and a camaraderie!

Your team will enjoy a setting free from the distractions, and “screen time” that can disrupt focus during everyday life.

Participants can take this time to unplug, and fully sink into nature, in order to truly “be with each other.”

This window of real connection fosters a dynamic and ongoing shift that translates into a more effective culture in the workplace.

Beginning with the fundamentals of strong self-sufficiency, we assist each individual in realizing their true potential and purpose within the team. Our experienced instructors help participants to find tools for scenarios in which none may have seemed available. These ways of creative thinking can be directly applied to the daily environments of modern life and work. By learning methods to thrive in a sustainable way with nature, we increase the recognition of our capability to tackle everyday obstacles.


[Programming available every season [Summer-Winter-Fall-Spring]