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These Weekends of Workshops are great for adults and families! Some of the Workshops are better for older/mature children.

Winter Outdoor Skills Adventure Weekend: In February

Outdoor Adventure & Wilderness Skills Weekend GetAway!: In May

Survival Skills Weekend of Workshops: In August

Wilderness Extravaganza!: In September

“Did you know that a “pip, pip, pip” of a certain bird signals a ground predator? What is a bow drill? Where in the woods are young bucks most likely to spar and look for mates? Which berries are sweeter, the ones on the outside or inside of the Autumn Olive shrub?

The Wilderness Extravaganza weekend is an exceptional opportunity to connect or re-connect with the earth as an individual participant or as a family. The weekend offers something for everyone. Our family of 5 (father, mother, adult daughter and two younger sons (10 and 13 years old)) enjoyed every moment!

We learned about some of the plethora of wild edibles available all around us in New England on a stroll through autumn fields and woods (and ate some too!), prepared a bountiful meal together with our co-workshop participants over an open fire in the center of a cathedral of pines, made and used a fire kit to generate a flame without a match, and learned how animal tracks and bird language tell a story bigger than you think.

Frank is a gentle, kind, encouraging, inclusive and knowledgeable leader. He is wonderful with adults and children alike and creates an outstanding experience for everyone.” –L. Blackburn & Family, Eastern MA

“Attending Frank Gringrod’s Wilderness Extravaganza workshop weekend was a transformational experience for me. It was a great opportunity for my ten year old son and I to get out of the city and spend quality time together in the green world, but perhaps more importantly, it forced me to take a look at how I am currently living my life, and ask myself whether it is truly in line with my dreams and values. Not to mention it was a heck of a lot of fun! Mindfully playing with fire and knives, cooking over an open fire and tracking wild animals through the woods of the Berkshires for a weekend – what could be better?!!” –S.Ramshur, NJ