Do you want to take your campfire cooking to a whole other level?

 Tired of the same old hot dogs, burgers and marshmallows?

Want to learn how to do passive cooking where you can cook multiple items at the same time while you're enjoying the fire?

This Cooking over a Fire - Cooking Outside Workshop is exactly what you're looking for!

In this workshop, we teach you the fine art of being able to cook in style and have the folks that you take camping with you say "wow!"

Food prep and maintaining a good fire are two secrets to good outdoor cooking. We will teach many tips and tricks; we will set up camp rigs that will allow you to cook at your leisure and having fun doing it!

Come and enjoy time in the wilderness gather around the fire with good people, fun stories and a delicious shared meal.

WHO: Adults, Teens, FamiliesWHERE: Conway,MAHOW MUCH: Early-Bird - $65/adult, $35/child with adult (+$10/person for Regular pricing)

Cooking over a Fire - Cooking Outside is held during these Weekends of Workshops:

Wilderness Extravaganza!

(in September)