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50 Earthwork Bucks



earthwork bucks wilderness skillsUse 50 Earthwork Bucks for most of Earthwork Programs’ 3-hour Wilderness Skills Workshops as well as our Emergency Survival & Self-Sufficiency Skills Workshop.

3-Hour Wilderness Skills Workshops include:

The Art of Fire & WinterFire!
Animal Tracking (Seeing through the Eyes of Animals & Bird Language)
Wild Edibles & Medicinals
Lostproofing & the Art of Shelter Building
The Art of Navigation
Wildlife Wanderings
The Skill of the Knife
Trapping: the Sacred Harvest
Learn to Field Dress an Animal

OR you can apply your 50 Earthwork Bucks to

* February Vacation or April Vacation Programs for children 8+
* Homeschool Programs (ages 7 through teen) that run weekly in Amherst throughout the fall, winter and spring
* Summer Camps for children 7+ AND include several Camps specifically for preteens & teens
* And even our Weekends of Workshops in February, May, August & September

After you prepay, you will receive an email with the link to the pdf to download and print and give away (or keep for yourself). When we receive your prepayment, we will email an Authorization Number that will need to be written onto the Bucks (Earthwork Bucks without an Authorization Number are not redeemable). Then you or your loved one just needs to register for the Workshop of choice!

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