How to Survive and the Skills You Need

Hey hikers, skiers, outdoor enthusiasts! What do you do if you get disoriented or some other unexpected situation arises while you’re out and about? Do you have a survival kit? What are the top 10 things you bring with you when you’re in the wilderness?

We have geared this workshop for you! We hear countless times people saying "I don't know what to bring with me. What should I have in my kit? How do I use it?"
In this workshop, we cover those questions and a whole lot more to make sure that you have confidence with these skills before you leave. It's not enough to know need to know HOW.

SURVIVAL KIT ESSENTIALS is held during these Weekends of Workshops:

  • Survival Skills Weekend of Workshops
    (in Summer)
  • Wilderness Extravaganza!
    (in Fall)

Earthwork Programs has been teaching these skills for 20 years with like-minded people. You'll meet cool outdoor people plus you'll have a plan for your next outdoor adventure! Behind the serious skills you'll be learning, there is a lot of fun!

Plus, study the basics of knife safety, carving methods, handling a knife and blade care. And learn why the Mayan culture called a knife the "tooth of the Earth."