Winter Survival Vacation Program (February)

Experience the WILD in winter in our beautiful forest and fields!


While spending lots of time outdoors, we will

Track animals and find the special places of the fox, deer, bobcat and others…we will get a glimpse of their secret winter life.

Build winter shelters: a quinzee, a lean to, a zarsky…various methods to stay warm and dry.

Test our fire-making skills in the snow…we will help each other learn the best techniques with and without matches, then bask in the warmth of our accomplishments in our wilderness home.

We will enjoy hanging out around the fire, staying warm in shelters that we make, sharing lunch and cool stories and other natural mysteries.

Bonus: we will also learn about ICE SAFETY and HYPOTHERMIA and how to STAY SAFE outdoors in the winter. We will pick up strategies of staying warm by playing games and other activities.

What Parents are saying...

I can’t say enough good things about the wilderness survival (program) my son (a 6th grader) did with Frank and his staff this spring.  Each day is different—from building a fire in February to tracking signs of animals in spring in April—and responds to what is happening in the natural world.  I love the camps for what I know they are nurturing in my child—independence, compassion, leadership, and integrated, experiential learning.  He loves them because they are fun, because he appreciates and connects immediately with the other kids in the group, and because Frank and friends are gifted teachers. 

Andrea, mom of Vacation Program participant