Creating a Foundation:

Learn NHA Principles

Build Inner Wealth & New Parenting Paradigm Advantage

Creating Vision plus Team Member Consultant Strategy


6 weeks

Introducing the powerful teaching of NHA

By going through this Introduction series you will develop a foundation and understand the principles of this transformational approach.

Learning how to implement the 3 stands and the power of being fearless.


  • One 90 Minute discovery session
  • 4 one hour coaching sessions



3 Months

Results Deeper exploration of how NHA can transform your family

Building Inner Wealth and the New Parenting Paradigm Advantage you go beyond the Introduction and immerse yourself in learning what it means to create a Nurtured Heart Mindset and integrate into your everyday routines to create a NHA environment. The approach will be less of techniques and methodology, but you will embody it as a habit that permeates positivity and success as you continue on your journey.


  • One 90 Minute discovery session in these
  • 4 one hour coaching sessions
  • 2 Additional Coaching sessions
  • Email Support within 24 hours
  • 3 Check in phone calls (15 min each)


3 Months

Results: creating direction and plan in helping other team members to all be on the same page and share success strategies.

Setting an intention that you want to create a powerful Vision utilizing all of your resources and creating an ecosystem where there is a web that connects all the care providers and family members. This is the most powerful strategy we can envision and implement.

Nurtured Heart Culture





  • An Engaging NHA Presentation for a group of 10. 1.5 hours. Can include family members, teachers, school Counselor, care providers.
  • Two (2-hour slots) Personally integrating my coaching with family time to have a first-hand experience and perspective.  
  • Facilitating the design of the credit system creating their own economy.
  • One 90 Minute discovery session
  • 6 one hour coaching sessions
  • Email Support within 24 hours
  • 3 Check in phone calls (15 min each)

 What people are saying

I’ve known Frank through the Earthwork Program which my son attended on a monthly basis last year. My son and I also attended an Earthwork family camping weekend together. Each experience was both incredibly moving and revelational for me as I saw the masterful and magical way that Frank works with children.

He embodies the Nurtured Heart Approach. It’s not just a “method” he uses, but a natural extension of his being. Frank remembers what it is like to be a child. He knows how to let kids be kids and have fun. But he also has gift for seeing straight into their hearts. He looks right past any difficult behavior and draws out what is best, most loving, and generous in each child. Whether it’s through bushcraft skill building, exploring nature, stories, games or conversation, Frank skillfully cultivates these traits in each child until they can see for themselves and their own beauty.

Simply by observing Frank I have become a better parent. My wish would be for every parent, grandparent, and teacher to learn how to work with children from Frank. The world would be a much more peaceful place.

Penny Rosenzweig
Marlborough, MA
Mother of an 8, 4 and 1 year-old