Q: Why was Earthwork Programs created?

A: Earthwork Programs was started by Frank Grindrod in 1999 as an expression of his desire to build connections with the Earth, with our ancestors, with our communities, and our own hearts.

Q: Who can attend one of your Programs?

A: Anyone with an interest in learning what we have to offer. For children, we have weekly Homeschool classes, Vacation Programs (Winter & Spring), Summer CampsFor adults and families, we have Weekends of Workshops.  And we have custom programs for all!

Q: Who are the instructors and how can I find out about their backgrounds, etc.?

A: Our team members are all seasoned earth skills practitioners who believe in and live the vision of Earthwork. Within our mentoring tradition, we welcome special guests and visiting instructors from other outdoor schools.

 CORIs and SORIs are done for staff. Please let us know if you want to view copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances.

Q: What is Homeschool class like? Is there an academic component to the Program?

A: All of our Programs, including weekly Homeschool classes, are taught in the mentoring tradition, in which we lead individuals to conclusions through the art of questioning. We spark passion, develop the need or desire to know, ask leading questions and then offer resources to gain answers and understanding. This creates a method of deeper awareness in between classes and after the Program ends. While we teach some topics and skills that are also taught in academic programs, that is not our focus. We aim to give students skills that will empower them in their relationships with themselves, their communities and the earth.

Q: Where are Earthwork Programs located?

A: Programs can be held at a different locations in Western Massachusetts. Upon registration, you shall receive our Welcome email with exact location (and directions if necessary). Custom Programs can be scheduled at any location that you choose. Payments can be mailed to Earthwork Programs, PO Box 961, Williamsburg, MA 01096.

Q: How much do the Programs cost?

A: Click on the Program in which you are interested for specific tuition and pricing information. Certain Programs have a “sliding scale”…which is Frank’s way to make his Programs affordable for most families (and multiple children, etc.); pay what you can in the sliding scale range.

Q: If my daughter attends one week of your Summer Program, is it worth it for her to attend another week or two?

A: Definitely! Each week of our Summer Programs, including At Home in the WoodsLeader in TrainingWay of the Wilderness WarriorHunter-Gatherer and Woodland Leader, offers totally unique experiences…it’s possible for your child to attend all summer and never be bored or tired of doing the same old thing.

Q: What do the campers do at your Summer Programs?

A: Read A Day in the Life of an Earthwork Camper. Favorite activities over the years have included:

  • just being in the woods all day;
  • carving with a knife;
  • coalburning & making a spoon;
  • weaving reed mats;
  • fire building;
  • learning to use a hatchet;
  • finding wild edibles;
  • making fish hooks;
  • learning how to locate a “lost” person;
  • learning about cordage;
  • making tools, playing group games, tracking
  • playing the games–Camouflage, The Hunted, Flash Flood, Fox Step;
  • listening to nature;
  • hanging out at the pond catching minnows and toads
  • …being an LIT is teaching and learning at the same time. We found deer bones and did trekking
  • And from one happy camper’s evaluation form, he said he liked all the activities!

Q: Can I receive school credit for a Program?

A: This depends on your individual situation. Find out what your school’s requirements are, and we will work with you to see if credit is possible.

Q: May I come observe the Program before attending?

A: We find that it interrupts the rhythm of our classes to have visitors, but we offer open houses when you can visit and see what a Program is like. Contact Us to find out when the next one is planned!

Q: Is it possible to enroll in more than one Program at once?

A: Absolutely! For example, we have students who are enrolled in our weekly Homeschooling Program and also attend our Weekends of Workshops (February, May, August & September)! (Be sure to note special discounts for taking all Workshops during one of our Weekends of Workshops.)

Q: What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel?

A: Please understand that we’ve planned around your payment. We hire Staff, buy supplies, secure the land many months in advance of the Programs. If you need to cancel, we can offer to hold your payment as a credit for one year…just let us know as soon as possible. If we cancel, then, of course, we will refund your payment.