May 5


Most Important for Your Emergency Preparedness Plan: You’ll Need This within Your First 3 Days or Sooner

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Earthwork Emergency Preparedness Plan: Water

People can only survive a few days without water. Do you have a plan for producing, storing, and accessing drinkable water in an emergency?

Staying hydrated is essential for peak mental and physical performance during a crisis, so follow these steps prepared by the experts at Earthworks to ensure you are prepared for any kind of emergency.

Step 1: Buy a water purification system

To make sure you and your family have water in a crisis, the first step to take is getting a water purification system. These devices not only filter water, but they can convert fresh water from streams, rivers, etc. into drinkable water.

Check out these water filtration systems; these are ones that we have used and recommend. Here’s a video you can watch re: how the Berkey water systems work.

We recommend getting a system that can filter as many gallons as possible for your home (click Shop Now below to see all the Berkey options):

Berkey System Collection



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The RapidPure Water Purifier utilizes cutting-edge technology to not only filter and clean water, but also remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and parasites, including COVID-19. The water bottle below is incredibly convenient.

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Step 2: Purchase chlorine bleach tablets for disinfecting water

Emergency preparedness is all about having multiple solutions to a potential problem. You bought your water purification system, but what if you lose it in a fire? Another excellent way to produce clean water is to drop Potable Aqua tablets into a container of untreated water and it’s ready to be safely consumed. Other bleach products contain dangerous chemicals and should not be used.


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Step 3: Store water for a (not so) rainy day

If you’re reading this article from the comfort of your home, you are surely surrounded by abundant, clean fresh water. So what are you waiting for? Go bottle some of it up!

The first thing to do is grab some containers with tight-fitting lids out of your recycling bin. Water, soda and juice bottles are great. Give them a soapy rinse, and fill them up.

Next, you’ll want to purchase some containers that are designed for water storage. You’ll want:

  • Collapsible containers that are perfect for situations where space is at a premium (emergencies where you have to leave your home). The WaterStorageCube holds just over a gallon of water and folds up like a plastic bag when not in use:

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  • 5 gallon containers which hold enough water for multiple days, but are small enough to be easily moved. This model made by Sceptre come with a large opening at the top for easy cleaning:

[pexcirclecta pex_attr_small_title=”Large Opening @ the Top for Easy Cleaning” pex_attr_title=”5-Gallon Containers” pex_attr_button_text=”BUY NOW” pex_attr_button_link=”” pex_attr_button_link_open=”new”][/pexcirclecta]

  • A 50+ gallon container to keep at your home. Fill it with rain water, which can later be treated with chlorine pellets or filtered through your water purification system. We like the WaterPrepared 55 gallon option because it’s stackable, easy to clean, and BPA free:

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We recommend having enough water saved up to last at least two weeks. People consume a minimum of one gallon per person a day, and that amount increases in a dry climate or if you are exerting yourself. It also helps to have extra for sanitation, hygiene and cooking.

Once you’ve filled up your containers, here’s what you need to do to clean and maintain them:

  • Store containers in cool places out of direct and indirect sunlight.
  • Water doesn’t expire, but it can get contaminated. Seal your containers tightly.
  • Any clear container filled with water will eventually grow algae. Prevent this by using opaque bottles or painting the exterior of clear containers. If algae begins to grow in a container, mix bleach and water, rinse it out and you’re good to go.
  • Avoid contamination by emptying and refreshing your water storage once per year.

Step 4: Learn some basics about your home and surroundings

locate emergency water sourceBecome prepared by learning a few key things about your home and what’s around it.

Make sure you know the closest fresh water supply, like a stream or pond, in case you need to leave your home.

Familiarize yourself with pre-existing water supplies inside your home, such as toilet tanks and have a plan for filling bathtubs and sinks if you suspect water may not be available in the near future.

Finally, if your home’s water supply becomes contaminated, make sure you know how to turn it off.

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