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Leader-In-Training (LIT) Summer Camp


Learning & practicing wilderness skills while learning how to peer mentor


  • June 24-28, 2024

Location : Conway, MA


Leader-in-Training (LIT) Program offers the opportunity for preteens and teens to practice their wilderness skills as well as learn how to peer mentor. Mentoring is much more than simply teaching knowledge or skills. As peer mentors, preteens and teens will lead younger participants to conclusions through the art of questioning. They spark passion, develop the need and/or desire to know, ask leading questions and then offer resources to gain answers and understanding.

Prior to the LIT Program, Frank requests that LITs prepare a Letter of Intention; in this letter, LITs are asked to explain the following:

* why they want to be at this particular Program

* how they planning on contributing to others’ learning

* what gifts they have to share

AND if possible, attach a photograph of the LIT doing something in nature…

On the last day of the LIT Program, the LITs will be invited to demonstrate their willingness to be an LIT and mentor and to show what skills they learned and how they can integrate them…it can be something they crafted, wrote, a video, a lesson plan. Frank will discuss this more on the first day of the Program.

Upon completion of the LIT Program, participants are assessed and may have the opportunity to attend any or all At Home in the Woods Camps as an LIT for half price! There are LIMITED spots for LITs at each At Home in the Woods week (ONLY 2/WEEK RECEIVE LIT DISCOUNT)…so be sure to register early!

Important: You may need these add-ons if you don't have your own