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The Art of Storytelling + Night Navigation


Earthwork Programs has been teaching these skills for more than 20 years! Hands-on experiences! Make fire with confidence in wet conditions as well as dry. Learn the power of plants and their uses. Discover ways to bring yourself closer to the land through tracking and awareness.


  • May 20-05-2023 (Saturday)


1:30PM – 04.30PM

Adults & Families | May & Aug

storytelling & night navigation

Imagine yourself surrounded by a circle of friendly folks around the campfire, sharing stories of nature connection, heroes, lessons from the animals, and whatever folks want to share with the group. That’s the Art of Storytelling! Do you understand night navigation? It’s not enough to just know where the North Star and the Big Dipper are…you need to be able to know where to look and have special ways to remember and how to be able to tell that you have the right constellation. In this Workshop, we cover this as you become a star navigator.


  • Wilderness Adventure Camp – Book $15.00
  • Knife $20.00
  • Striker $15.00


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