Join our Community – Become an Outdoor Instructor 

We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming part of the team and we want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

We ask a lot of our Instructors, for it is important to be mindful of the vision of connecting people deeply with the earth and holding safety as paramount. Our staff have a very varied background from:

Military veterans, college professors, martial artists, combat firearms trainers, herbalist, wilderness EMT and WFR and WFA certified and years of facilitation experience in leading Backcountry trips nationally and Internationally.  

We work with folks from all walks of life – corporate, specialty groups, and the public; all relying on our ability to understand the stages of group development and the progression of a student’s learning through mentoring precisely where the person is at in their understanding of the journey to Self Reliance, Community Resilience and Empowerment.

Our Staff are lifelong learners and demand growth on every level, they are excited to learn from anyone in their vicinity. This shows the humility and integrity of “being real.” There are so many talents and depth of experiences combined, which makes such a rich ability be more than just an instructor, but become part of our extended family. This creates a bond that is very unique and special.

Earthwork (EW) field staff are trained to manage situations that involves “risk” and are able to assess the level of risk for the group and individuals safety. However, this is not the kind of program where the staff take away the opportunity for students to do these assessments, themselves. In fact, EW staff facilitate the learning potential of the group to problem solve and create options that promote creativity and the ability to take responsibility. We allow students to be “response-able” and provide them the opportunity to gain insights and perspectives into their own as well as their group’s “perceived needs” and define the difference between their “ actual needs” and how to proceed.

This is where the groups are challenged and find/cultivate their leadership and team building skills in actual scenarios, not simulated, imaginary or “false environment.” These skills transfer to profound life-skills that take a whole new perspective when their time comes to a close and they go back to the “real world” – where they are more inspired, empowered and ready to re-invent themselves into their new found awareness and identity of unstoppable drive.

Staff Qualities –

Instruction, Facilitation, Character

We need educators who are able to give feedback, be compassionate, understand mental, emotional and physical safety; and be able to articulate the transference of the experience into a life lesson.

We need you to be a leader. One of the most important signs of a good leader is to know when to lead, observe, recognize a participant, and seamlessly support the growth of another. Having previous experience in facilitating group dynamics and know when to shift the energy like an alchemist is a desired skill that is needed, especially experience working with youth and adolescence is paramount.


Communication skills with staff, students, and communities we encounter is important as you represent our school in the world and our vision with our students and their circle of people in their life. This includes active listening, giving and receiving feedback, leading from the heart, “servant leadership,” environmental awareness;  conscious ,clear, caring and constructive feedback; and the ability to convey our expectations and how to live in community. We also want to experience your Passion, Learned Confidence, Humor and Joy.

Outdoor Technical Skills

Since Earthwork is a year round Wilderness Survival and Nature Education School we expect our instructors to have the ability to embrace environmental conditions and inspire students while it is raining, snowing, windy, hot, or just down right uncomfortable in the bush, or in remote wilderness. This creates a new possibility and way of thinking. When students learn to be prepared for any situation they find themselves in, they lead by example and have their mettle tested.

Important: It is incredibly important to have your skills down, practiced and proficient in these conditions (this does not just come from practicing when you are on the job, it takes building skill in and out of the field during programming).

A general comfort in the outdoors and remote areas is also required for all wilderness instructor positions. Most importantly, we are looking to build on a basic foundation in outdoor judgment (the ability to make safe decisions under challenging circumstances).


We are seeking educators with leadership experience at other outdoor organizations or in public service. Qualities we are in search of include: character, empathy, commitment, and charisma.

Physical and Emotional Stamina

Applicants must be sufficiently fit (physically and mentally) to participate in all of the course activities for a given charter, and maintain energy, strength, and focus to assist students with physical and emotional obstacles.

General Requirements

  • 18 years or older 
  • Current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and adult CPR

Position Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage, direct, and teach skills to a group of youth participants with the assistance of support staff.
  • Organize and execute predetermined “classes” or skills workshops to a group of youth.
  • Read group dynamics, and be able to adjust, disrupt, re-direct or shift the energy/focus/flow of the group through mentoring techniques, that will be shared by EW leaders.
  • React calmly, professionally, and proactively to provide for any needs of students; such as medical needs, emotional support, or any tasks that another member of the group may need assistance with.
  • Work toward the success of the entire program with other staff, in accordance with the goals and outcomes set by the leaders of the program.
  • During the duration of the program – Work flexibly and respectfully with the leadership team to adjust, or co-create the ongoing, flexible curriculum; in response to any changes or challenges caused by unforeseen / unpredictable events (such as extreme weather).
  • Be physically active and work to the best of your abilities for long periods of time 
  • Maintain composure and continue to inspire and “take care” of others (both students and adult colleagues) in harsh conditions – such as extremely buggy, wet, cold/hot settings. It’s important to be familiar with, and able to exemplify the virtue of Altruism.
  • Execute, to the best of your abilities, any and all direction given by the EW leadership team.
  • Coordinate and communicate respectfully with guest speakers, presenters and any other guests/outside agents of our program. You may be asked to welcome or assist any visiting guests to our program, or the staff of organizations that we may visit.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Be part of a mentoring culture that shares best practices from 20 years of teaching survival skills.
  • Gain in-field experience in North-Eastern environments, while having fun
  • Receive experience and knowledge of many Native cultures and traditions from members of those communities
  • The potential for future employment on other EW programs and trips
  • Pay based on experience